How to give yourself the best advice you’ve ever gotten

One great way to make a decision is to pretend that you are giving advice to a friend. For some reason, dealing with a problem that is outside of you is much easier than one you’re personally wrestling with. How many times have you heard friends describe their issue, and felt like you knew exactly what they should do, yet they couldn’t see it? And how many times have friends tried to give you their advice, knowing exactly what you should do, but you weren’t open to hearing or following it? Ultimately, when you ask someone what you should do about something, you already know the answer deep down, but aren’t willing to accept what that answer is, and you will keep asking people so that you can hear different answers, which keep you in the decision making process, but prevent you from actually having to decide and take action. This cycle is energetically draining for all involved.

Try recruiting a friend and doing the following:

1) Write the problem down and hand it to your friend.

2) Have your friend describe the problem in her own words.

3) Give your friend advice, telling her your first gut reactions without overthinking it, and either record yourselves or have your friend write down your advice.

4) Follow the advice!

Try it and let me know how it works!

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